Photo Documentation & Filing

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Cloud App to Access and Manage

Use FotoIN mobile app to snap, tag and annotate photos or create single or multi photo reports quickly and easily in the field. FotoIN app takes all the field information and embeds it into the photos for context and then automatically uploads and files photos and reports to your own storage. This enables you to generate a comprehensive photo documentation of field condictions or a quick summary reports of field conditions and recomendations to share immediately from the field or later from home or office.

  • Use any tablet or smartphone, Android or Apple
  • Snap, tag and annotate photos to document field conditions
  • Generate your photo reports on site and share them from the field
  • Photos and reports are auto synced and filed to the right folders
  • Field data is automatically synced accross company devices
Tablet and smartphone application

Direct Sync Connectors to Customer's Storage Repositories

Upload and organize your photos directly to a storage provider of your choice. FotoIN has predefined connectors with most major storage providers, such as Box, Share File, Egnyte, WebDAV and more, enabling you to use your already existing account without any additional cost, or you can create a new account with a storage provider of your choice.

  • Automatically upload, organize and file photos and reports
  • Use your own storage space – no additional costs
  • Direct connectors pre-configured for Box, ShareFile, Egnyte
  • Quick and easy set up of SharePoint and WebDAV connectors
  • Access and share your photos and reports anytime, anywhere
Storage providers logos

Easy Web Access and Central Management

FotoIN also provides you with a cloud application to work in twndem with the mobile apps. you cqn access the cloudnapp by Loging in to your FotoIN account dashboard in the top right corner. Web management portal enables you to manage everyhting related to your team's use of FotoIN, including deactivating and renaming individual devices, configuring your own company settings and of course to view and search for subset of captured photos by any of the captured field data.

  • Centrally manage your team's use of FotoIN
  • View, slice and dice your photos with FotoIN Pictorial Pivot
  • Search for photos based on any captured field info
  • Configure your own folder organization and branding
  • Create your own tags and custom reports

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